b'Secure by designMulti-layered security to keep your data safeAll of the components of the BriefingLine solutionAll data is encrypted during transmissionhave been designed with security at their centre. BriefingLine uses modern proven standards for Data in the databases is encryptedencryption and authentication. The servers are deployed into a secure cloud environment,Data on your phone has two layers that can be hosted in your locality, fromof encryption so even if the device is within your own internal infrastructure.compromised the data is still secureAll data in BriefingLine is encrypted at all stages: Data on your phone can be protectedon our servers, on your device and duringvia biometricstransmission. You can also enable biometric login so you dont have to remember extra passwords. Your data is automatically purged from a device if the device is lost or stolen and someone attempts to use the app'