b'Bring your day into lineMaking time count as your day unfoldsBriefingLine is the communication tool On your phone, in one place, you can see your schedule, for busy professionals and their staff, calls, documents, emails and other tasks, in priority that captures all your priorities, in one app. order. Your staff can remotely add and move items as priorities change and they, in turn, can see when you You, as a professional, want to make the best use of yourhave, completed a call or attended a meeting with any time during your busy day - whether you are in business,resulting actions. You can even attach photos and voice parliament, local government or the health sector.recordings to make sure your staff get everything they need to progress while you get on with your day.The challenge is: how do your staff ensure you alwaysAll of this information is delivered to your phone, where it have the latest information? How do you let them knowis stored locally, to make sure you always have access, even the outcome of meetings, and other priorities, so anyif you are offline. If you complete items or have comments resulting actions can be set in motion? In other words,or actions for your staff, while offline, these will be sent how can you make these communications as efficient andback to your staff the next time you get a connection.seamless as possible? This is where BriefingLine comes in.'