• Introducing BriefingLine

    BriefingLine is the essential app that brings together all of your commitments in one place.

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  • Bring your day into line

    All of your daily commitments, both scheduled and unscheduled, are in one place, prioritised by your staff.

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  • Everything in hand

    You won't need to hunt around for information. Everything you need to get a task done is there, with the task, when you need it.

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  • Get the latest information

    As your day unfolds, your staff make sure you have the latest information, to hand in the app, so you make the right decision at the right time

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Introducing BriefingLine

Introducing BriefingLine

Your day is now in hand

BriefingLine is the essential app that brings together busy executives and daily commitments in one place.

Meetings, calls, emails, and documents that need to be reviewed are presented in one, easy-to-read, prioritised timeline:

  • Single point of contact for communication
  • Everything to hand in one app
  • Information bound to the activity
  • Executives and assistants have a common live view of the day's priorities

Make your time count

Bring your day into line

BriefingLine is the communication tool for busy professionals and their staff that captures all your priorities in one app.

As a professional, you want to make the best use of your time during your busy day.

How do your staff make sure that you always have the latest information? How do you let them know the outcome of those meetings so any resulting actions can be set in motion?

In other words, how can you make this communication as efficient and seamless as possible? This is where BriefingLine comes in.

Accomplish more with your day

You have 10 minutes before your next meeting. Your team has already prioritised your next most important task.

Secure by design

Multi-layered security to keep your data safe.

Security is at the core of all BriefingLine features.

BriefingLine uses modern standards for encryption, authentication, and authorisation. These proven standards are tested and validated globally.

Data is deployed to secure cloud environments that can be hosted in your locality, or within your own internal infrastructure. And all BriefingLine data is encrypted at every stage: on our servers, on your device, and during transmission.

BriefingLine supports biometric login so that you don't have to remember any extra passwords. 

  • All data is encrypted during transmission
  • Data stored on database servers is encrypted
  • Data stored on mobile devices has two layers of encryption - the data is still secure even if the phone is compromised
  • Data on mobile devices can be protected using biometric login
  • Data is automatically purged from a phone or device when someone attempts to use the app on a lost or stolen phone

Accomplish more with your day

Try the app to help make the most of your time. Improve your workflow and commitments all in one place.

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