BriefingLine 1.5 released

Monday, 27 April 2020
Mike Evans
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BriefingLine Limited is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its BriefingLine app.

This latest version offers new efficiency and time saving features, which now includes support for the Apple iPad.

Commenting on the new version, Director of Sales, Mike Evans said: "feedback from users had indicated that, in addition to running BriefingLine on their iPhones while out on the road, many, when back at the office or at home, would prefer the extra screen space (real estate) offered by the iPad and iPad Pro".

Whilst BriefingLine has been a tool for administrators of executive teams to ensure their executives are briefed on meetings, calls, documents and items to action, executives can now add calls and tasks themselves to their scheduled lists from within the app.

One of the key features of BriefingLine is the ability for the executive to record notes against Briefing Items for feedback to their support teams. So far, these notes have included the ability to be able to attach text, audio and photos to the briefing item. With this release users can now include video.

The new version also includes:

  • The ability to reorder Briefing Items in the app
  • Notifications for updated Briefing Items
  • Support for “all day” events
  • Faster app start-up
  • Minor bug fixes

This new version of BriefingLine further enhances its position as the 'go-to' app for administrators who want to ensure their executives are fully briefed on their day ahead, and who, in turn, can ensure results and action points from their briefed items, are fed back to their executive team administrators.

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