You need to see all of your meetings and commitments in one place.

Your staff manage your meeting and appointment priorities, adding private briefing documents, notes, and comments to your schedule.

Commitments for your day are automatically synchronised with your calendar inside BriefingLine, so there is no need for multiple applications or entering information twice.

Easily contact other attendees directly from within the app. Your staff can identity the point of contact for you in your office.

Attach notes after a meeting so your staff can take any actions immediately - such as:

  • Text
  • Voice memos
  • Photos
  • Videos



You need to review and action your to-dos as a priority.

Your staff maintain and prioritise your daily to-dos, adding notes, comments, and documents to each task. You have all the information you need to  get the task completed there and then.

After you have completed your to-do item, you can add your own notes and comments so your staff see important outcomes as soon as possible



You want to know which call is your next priority to make.

Your staff maintains and prioritises your call list for you. The latest list is always visible to you as your day progresses.

Talking points, notes, and comments are added to your calls so that you have all the information to hand. Then you can make the call directly from within the app.

After completing a call, you record the outcome, add feedback, and it becomes automatically visible to your staff, who can take any actions immediately.

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You need to know which important emails need your attention.

Your staff review and prioritise your emails for you, to ensure you can focus on those that are most important.

Your staff add notes, documents, and comments helping you to action emails quickly and efficiently. No more scanning hundreds of emails in your inbox to work out what is important.

After you have read and completed any email actions, you can add your notes and feedback for your staff so they can take any resulting actions immediately.



You need to see all key documents submitted by your staff for review.

As you review your documents, you can add notes, comments, and audio memos for you and your staff.

After reading a document, you can add feedback for your staff:

  • Camera photos - handwritten notes, whiteboards etc.
  • Galleries of photos and screenshots
  • Voice memos, comments, and dictated notes
  • Videos recorded directly or taken from your gallery

Accomplish more with your day

Try the app to help make the most of your time. Improve your workflow and commitments all in one place.

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